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An exclusive, by appointment only, beauty salon for the individual looking for the best in techique, style and expertise.

We specialize in hair, make-up, lashes, nails and custom made suits and dresses for all occasions. Our treatments employ the best industry practices.

Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Taking your natural beauty and enhancing it


Designer Couture and Tailored Suits for every occasion


Promoting health through natural and organic products

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Our team

Maggie Haskins

Founder & CEO

Fumane Nthoba

Senior Hair & Beauty Specialist

Thandiwe Masuku

Hair Specialist

Justin Dearling

The Barber King

Yokseen Peters

Nail Technician

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Hair Styling Gallery

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Real People, Real Results


My name is Nora from Johannesburg, I have been battling with fibroids from 2015 ,and I have been up and to doctors, I was even admitted to hospital, but no medication was helping me, I have been bleeding on and off ever since, I was now totally weak and had lost all hope, until I met Maggie at church and she introduced me to the IASO TEA, I immediately made the tea and by the 7th day the Bleeding had completely stopped, I am so grateful and thankful for this Amazing Tea, I am now Strong and Healthy and back to Normal, thank you Maggie for this Awesome Product, I would Highly recommend it for anyone who has bleeding issues, I am 54 years old and I now have my Life Back 😁😁🙏🙏


Pensioner Special Pricing Available


  • Wash & Blow from R180.00
  • Cut & Blow from R250.00
  • Temporary Slick from R250.00
  • Perms from  R350.00
  • Braiding from  R160.00
  • Colour & Blow from R500.00

Relaxer & Blow

  • Normal scalps from   R380.00
  • Sensitive scalps from   R380.00


  • Moisture treatment   R500.00
  • Protein Kerafus treatment   R550.00
  • Scalp Treatment   R550.00


  • Beard trim   R50.00
  • Haircut from   R80.00
  • Beard & cut   R120.00
  • Wash & cut  from   R120.00
  • Vynil from R50.00


  • Eyebrows   R80.00
  • Eyebrows &Tint   R100.00


  • Full set R550.00
  • 2 week fill R300.00
  • 3 week fill R350.00
  • 1 month fill R400.00


Gel Nails

  • Full Pedi with Gel Overlay  R280.00
  • Gel Overlay on nails   R220.00
  • Gel overlay on toes   R220.00

New sets

  • Natural tips (acrylic)   R360.00
  • Natural tips (gel)   R380.00
  • Two Tone (acrylic)  R390.00


  • Acrylic colour fill   R220.00
  • Acrylic fill with gel polish   R250.00


  • French paint   R10.00
  • Nail art per nail (stick on)   R10.00


  • Acrylic   R80.00
  • Gel   R50.00

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Phone: +27 82 960 9687
Phone: +27 62 260 4877

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33 Thomas St, Meredale, Johannesburg South, 2091 Monday to Saturday